The entrance hall is a glass enclosure made up of transparent sheets of glass, covered by a Cor-ten iron roof to welcome visitors and mark the entrance point. The roof will be held up with a wall lined with stylish Piasentina stone, also significantly used at the entrance (from the flooring to the reception desk) and will contribute, along with the wood panelling, to envelop the visitor with warmth, amplifying the feeling of welcoming. 

Club House



Meeting and recreational activities are concentrated on the first floor, all aimed to provide residents with relaxation. The common areas, club house, spa and gym extend towards the green terraced gardens and solarium zone with heated pool. The project includes details and choices for common areas that focus special attention on creating an atmosphere of “well-being” as a break from the daily pace and stress to rekindle human relations. The club house will be characterised by an elegant and relaxing room, to chat and interact with others and find time to get away from the frenetic metropolitan life to fully relax. There will also be the chance to stay in shape directly from home using highly technological, stimulating and rejuvenating facilities such as the gym, heated pool, solarium and convenient spa area. Natural elements such as water, steam, wood and stone combine to bring the ancient traditions of the hammam, sauna and whirlpool back to life. An excellent combo of true pleasure.

The Gym

The gym, exclusive area for all residents with all the latest fitness equipment, will become the ideal place to stay in shape and socialise. 

The Pool

The pool will become an exclusive relaxation area for residents. It will be located on the terrace floor, near the terraced gardens, surrounded by greenery and hedges to guarantee total privacy from the outside world, also thanks to the climbing plants along the private road fences. A wooden patio surrounds the pool to create an elegant solarium where you can relax. Pool water will be used as a thermal engine for geothermics and will thus be heated in the months of May, June and September until the temperatures permit its use. Water will be purified by automatic chlorination. 

Terraced gardens

A terraced garden will be found on the terrace floor, of exclusive property and use of the residents, to allow them to live in contact with the outdoors. Wooden walkways with occasional benches will surround the lawns and greenery.